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Our main role is a catalyst, Executive Director explains

What does the Chamber do? … You have probably heard that question asked at one time or another and you may have wondered about it yourself. Many have no real concept of exactly what the Chamber of Commerce is, how it works or why it exists.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Chamber. For example, there are those who believe the Chamber gathers statistics, prints nice brochures, visits new businesses, answers inquires and advertises what a great place the Weakley County area is to work, live and enjoy life.

They are right, up to the point. We do all those things, and proudly so. All of those jobs are important, but they aren’t why the Chamber is here. They’re fringe benefits of the Chamber, the things we do as a matter of routine because they need doing and we are good at doing them.

The primary functions of the Chamber go far deeper than those niceties. The Chamber is a catalyst—a common vehicle through which business and professional people work together for the common good of the community.

A better community means better business conditions, and we work for a better community for everyone. That’s why we do what we do. This brings us back to that original question: What do we do?

There is one reason for the Chamber to exist…to do whatever is necessary to keep our area’s economic condition at a level where business will risk their resources here in hope of making a profit…everything else is just frosting on the cake.

That leaves one final question: Who is this “we” that do all of this? We are you. You are the Chamber of Commerce. You provide the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and voluntary services to keep the Chamber doing what it does. You are the Chamber, and without you, there wouldn’t be any Chamber, and just who would do all those things if the Chamber didn’t?

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