Chamber Membership Application

If you would like the become a Chamber member, you can either fill out the form on this page and send us your check by mail or print the form on your printer and send the form and your check to the Chamber.

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Type of Membership
  Annual Fee


Professionals                                             $110.00/Professional fee plus $25.00 for each certified professional
(Physicians, Pharmacist, Attorneys, Dentists, Accountants, etc.)

Elected Officials                                       $55.00/Official

Clubs & Organizations                             $55.00

Churches                                                  $27.00

Higher Education                                    $200.00

Individuals                                               $44.00

Out of County Membership                   $100.00

Industry and Businesses Investment based on Number of Owners & Employees working in the business.

Number of Employees Investment
1-5 $75.00
6-10 $100.00
11-20 $125.00
21-30 $150.00
Late fee charge after 30 days
31-49 $175.00
50-59 $200.00
60-74 $250.00
75+ $350.00 plus $1.00 for each Additional Employee


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