Youth Leadership

First Community Bank Youth Leadership Weakley County


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First Community Bank Youth Leadership of Weakley County
2017-2018 Program Schedule

October 4, 2017 – Student / Parent Introduction
October 5 – Kick-Off / Team Building
October 18 – Quality of Life
November 1 – Leadership Training
November 15  – Local Government
December – Community Service Project Month
January 10, 2018 – Financial Day
January 24  – Economic Development
February 7 – Education Session
March 7  – State Government Day – Nashville
April 11 – Agriculture / Tourism
April 17 – Graduation / Awards Banquet

What is Youth Leadership?

First Community Bank Youth Leadership of Weakley County (FCBYLWC) is a community leadership program that identifies and assists talented students who want to:

  • Learn more about the challenges that Weakley County faces
  • Develop and apply community leadership skills
  • Make informed decisions
  • Network with like-minded students in problem resolution
  • Students who successfully complete the program earn 1/2 high school credit and receive a letter grade.

    Youth Leadership Mission:
    The purpose of FCBYLWC is to provide an intensive training program for high school students, who have demonstrated leadership skills, and give them a forum to learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing their community; so they will be better equipped to productively participate in community leadership throughout their lives.

    Youth Leadership Goals:
    To conduct a training program for high school students which will promote increased awareness of the leadership roles available to them both now and in the future.

Who can participate in Youth Leadership?Participation in FCBYLWC is open to all Weakley County High School sophomores.

Applicants must be in good academic standing and have no attendance or disciplinary problems at their school. Also, applicants must commit to the attendance and participation requirements of the program. Recommendations from references and demonstrated leadership skills are valued in the selection process. Only five (5) students from each high school are selected to participate.

When does Youth Leadership meet?

This program begins in October and concludes in April. See specific dates listed above.

Who is responsible for the selection of the participants?

The Youth Leadership Board of Directors. The most important factor in selection is identifying those students who are most interested in the program and who are most apt to utilize what they learn in the program.

This selection will be a blind selection process, which means the Board of Directors will not know the names of the applicants or their parents.

How will Youth Leadership Be Funded?

All costs of First Community Bank Youth Leadership of Weakley County are being underwritten by First Community Bank of the Heartland with support from Weakley County Municipal Electric System, Weakley County Schools, Weakley County Chamber, and other community donors.

How and When to Apply?

Students may obtain application forms from the Counseling Offices at Dresden High School, Gleason High School, Greenfield High School, and Westview High School. Completed applications and reference letters must be returned to your school’s Guidance Counselor. Counselor’s will inform students of due dates.