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Historical background

Visitors to Weakley County quickly become aware of the pride and cooperative spirit of Weakley County residents. Ambitious but realistic county programs and goals have resulted in a pattern or progress that evokes a strong sense of pride from residents of the five incorporated towns in Weakley County.

Weakley County was established October 21, 1823, from land ceded by the Chickasaw Indians and was named for Colonel Robert Weakley, who was then Speaker of the Tennessee State Senate. Weakley County cities include Dresden, Gleason, Greenfield, Martin and Sharon. Dresden was incorporated in 1827 and named for the birthplace, Dresden, Germany, of Mears Warner’s father. Mr. Warner was one of the first settlers in this area. Gleason was first called Oakwood, deriving this name from an oak tree that grew through a crack in the old post office floor. Incorporated in 1903, the city was known as Gleason. Incorporated in 1880, the history of Greenfield’s name goes back to the laying of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad track in 1873. The huge fields of green wheat inspired the engineer of the first train the give the town its name. Martin, founded in 1873 and incorporated in 1874, was named for William Martin who generously donated considerable acreage so that the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad would be planned along its present route. Sharon was founded in 1824, but really began to grow in 1873 when the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad bought the right -of-way for its tracks. The residents named the city in that year for the engineer, a Mr. Sharon, who brought the first train through the city.

A rich heritage and a colorful past are not the only aspects making a county great. There are many reasons why Weakley County has continued to grow and to prosper. The interest and sense of pride felt by all residents make Weakley County one of the leading manufacturing, agricultural, business and educational counties in northwest Tennessee. Additionally, the county seeks new industry, has a cooperative municipal government and a citizenry in each city, and maintains a sound business climate countywide that is receptive to business, believes in and encourages good labor-management relations. Of major importance is the excellent interaction among the cities—what is good for one city is good for Weakley County! The quality of life in Weakley County is surely unsurpassed with its inviting residential atmosphere, educational opportunities, recreational facilities and programs, health care systems and easy way of life. New residents feel immediately “at home” in Weakley County as they become a part of Weakley County’s link to its historical past, its progressive growth and its continuing strides into Tennessee’s bright future.

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